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The advantages of the soapmaker soaps

The soap maker soaps are alkaline. The pH value of 8.5 corresponds to that of the amniotic fluid in which we are prepared for life in the womb. Word has gotten around that we should eat alkaline. The same applies to personal hygiene.


With the all-in-one soaps from the soap maker, your skin is already cared for when you wash it and you get a silky soft skin feeling.

The soaps differ from the conventional soaps and shower gels. The manual production process and the cold saponification are primarily responsible for this. Soap is formed from the reaction of lye (soda and potash lye) and oil. Soapmaker uses coconut and sunflower oil as well as shea butter and cocoa butter. These raw materials are all of food quality and come from organic farming.

Solid soap is more ecological than liquid soap. The packaging is made from recycled paper. Plastic waste is massively reduced. All products are without exception free of palm oil.



In the beginning there was the idea and the desire to make the oh so dirty world a little cleaner - and not just symbolically. A soap as natural as the beautiful surroundings of Arosa, free from any additives and other unnecessary ballast.

The soap maker Beat Urech - at home in Arosa, at home in the world - understands something about the miracle process of soap production, because as a trained druggist he was familiar with glycerine, lye and essential oils very early on. The result is real Arosa natural soaps - for body, hands, hair and soul.

As a family man, yoga teacher and nature lover who thinks sustainably, the shower gels, shampoos and liquid soaps you can buy in the supermarket - pumped full of chemical additives and fragrances - have long been a thorn in Beat's side. Is there a clean solution that cleans up? Research work finally led Beat to the meanwhile deceased Friedrich Weiss, living in Vienna and a soap maker of the old guard. His Stadlau soap factory was an insider tip among soap connoisseurs throughout Europe. Infected with soap fever, the first tub of original Arosa soap was soon touched.


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