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All Seifenmacher soaps are made in the company's own soap factory. The workshop is right next to a carpenter's shop, where all the equipment for the soap trade is developed and manufactured. The manual soap cutting devices and the logo punch are in-house developments and were made by hand in the manufactory. The soap factory with the associated shop can be visited by prior arrangement. All soaps and accessories can be ordered in the online shop. Worldwide shipping. Larger quantities on request. Everything is possible. Make soap not war!

Handmade in Arosa, Switzerland


Soap Opera – curtain up!

At the beginning there is the caustic soda. Solid fats (coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter) are melted in the soap kettle and liquid base oils such as sunflower oil are weighed. The more valuable essential oils and other natural ingredients (herbs, wood, spices) are carefully prepared for further processing. The base oils and fats, which are now liquid, are mixed until the much-cited soapy marriage takes place at exactly 40 degrees Celsius with the addition of the lye - congratulations! By lovingly stirring clockwise, the mass slowly thickens or “saponifies”. The flavoring ingredients (essential oils, herbs, etc.) are slowly added - oh how it smells! The warm soap mixture is then filled into large soap moulds, cooled with the help of the Arosa mountain climate and prepared for three-day storage. The soap block is hand cut into commercial grade pieces using metal guitar strings. With a self-made punching machine, the soapmaker's logo - or, if desired and from a certain purchase quantity, your own motif - is punched into the soap. Like fine wine, the still unpackaged soaps are stored in crates made of spruce wood for 30 days until they are made ready for their onward journey in the beautiful and 100% recyclable packaging. Seifenmacher's soaps - 100% handmade, 100% love.


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